What does it take to become a fully developed person? How can we guide our children (or ourselves as youth) to positively develop into a state of well-being? Researchers found that there are ways to measure this!

It has been identified that a positively developed person would ideally manifest or embody all 40 of the Developmental Assets (seen in the checklist below). Some of these are externally influenced, such as by family or community, while others are internally influenced, such as in how a person views themselves. The idea is that the more assets you “have”, the closer you are to well-being!

Complete the check-list below to determine how many of the assets you currently have (your “number”). Take time to reflect on these and celebrate how well you are doing so far! Then take time to note which assets are missing. How can you obtain them? How might we assist someone else in obtaining them?

It is found that the average youth has 18 or less assets, a far cry from the 40 listed. The good news is that it’s never too late and we are constantly building our assets. Mentoring highlights many of the assets on the list, providing necessary tools or influences for youth to grow and develop in a healthy direction.

Follow the link to view the 40 Developmental Asset

What to find out how many assets you have? Complete this Asset Checklist