Rubber Duck Race Winners!!



BIG thank you to everyone who participated and supported this fundraiser. It is wonderful people like you who make these events so successful and great!

Community Duck Race Winners:

1st Place (WestJet Tickets) – Sarah Lawrence

2nd Place ($500 Gift Basket) – Allan Corney

3rd Place ($350 Gift Basket) – Shawn Hiscock

4th Place ($250 Gift Basket) – Leann Brown (Colleen/Leann)

Corporate Race Winner: Western One

Front (Left to Right): Bill Cadger, Marc LeBlanc, Trevor McLeod

Back (Left to Right): Brandi Villeneuve, Steve Fredrich, Kaylee Burt, David Morgan, Matthieu Joanette, Curtis Sturgeon, Devon Luscombe & Abby Goertzen.

Missing: Dallas Roberts, Stephane Gaudet

Union Race Winner: Unifor Local 707-A